For the purpose of the blog, I go by Jac. My husband and I met and fell in love while playing softball in 2011. After 4 years together we officially married and were pregnant not long after that, welcoming our daughter, Louella in January 2017. Together we own and operate a real estate sales company, dabble in renovating and building homes and enjoy everything our hometown on wild, rustic, and usually wet, Vancouver Island has to offer.

While my husband is an active outdoorsman, adventurous athlete, dedicated father/husband/friend, my joy comes from maintaining meaningful relationships, exploring the histories of the world, design & beauty in general (fashion, architecture, styling), gatherings with fine food and wine, mothering and home-making.

On this blog you'll see a mix of the above, a glimpse into our day to day adventures and rituals. I started a journal for my daughter and decided to return to blogging and bring it public. Welcome to my corner of the internet.