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September | Wishlist

September | Wishlist

My inbox is full of fall fashion releases. I, like every other basic 30-something, live for the impending layered-up fall weather.

I’m not sure if it’s the promise of mild temperatures, crunchy orange leaves, early movie nights, comfort foods or hiding underneath plaid scarves, but whatever it is, or more likely the culmination of, autumn seems to be one of the more favoured seasons.

I have a few standard rules with adding anything to my closet:

  1. Classic

    I have a great many things hanging in my closet that I still wear frequently, even after a decade. I’ve always subscribed to adding pieces that are classic versus current. It’s easy to get wrapped up in new cuts and patterns, especially in a digital age where we digest so much new information from a variety of sources all day, every day. I look at the new potential piece objectively and picture the different ways I might wear it, and if it fits seamlessly into my wardrobe as it is. Don’t buy a top if you don’t already have the bottoms to go.

    Frankly, I’d say most of us have full drawers and bursting closets and really don’t need to add anything. With this in mind, I try to only add one or two new pieces every few months. The simpler the form, the longer the longevity.

  2. Practicality

    Think about your lifestyle and location. If you live in an area that is hot year round, a black cable knit sweater is probably useless to you. I for example, am located in a wet, dark and long fall/winter climate. I like to drink red wine and eat red pasta. I have children, I like to go outside with them. I don’t like to step delicately or dodge a spontaneous hug from my happy, mud covered daughter. This means I’m better suited to dark colours and durable fabrics. That said, I do think it’s important to throw some white, suede and silk in there. I still deserve to feel special once in a while… but Wearer-Beware. Trademark™.

  3. Quality

    With the above in mind, and because I plan on wearing what I buy for many, many years, it is worth it to me to invest in higher quality (and typically more expensive) items. I take care of my things and wear them until I’ve outworn them or outgrown them (the latter being the more typical case). I follow the wash instructions, storage instructions and yes, I wear a bib when I’m out for Italian. I’m happily an outfit-repeater. There is no shame in a personal uniform.

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A classic pair of jeans. I’m preferring an ankle grazer these days and Citizens of Humanity have dominated my closet for about 6 years now. Unfortunately, after 2 babies in less than 2 years, my black denim is all… too snug. Time to size up. Eh, it was worth.


You need a delicate tank to layer under all those cardigans and dusters. Loose tops are preferred for all of those upcoming chilli, pot roast and lasagne nights. Pass the garlic bread.


Goodbye hat head, hello fall felt fedora goodness. Rag & Bone always has some of my favourite colours and shapes for hats. They really do complete an outfit. One might say, they’re the cherry on top.


Dream boots. Where have ou been all of my life? I haven’t purchased heels in years. Like, 4 or 5 years. Being pregnant and/or chasing toddlers is not conducive. Plus they didn’t pair well with my yoga pant uniform. I’m starting to venture back into the fashionable territory of my 20s. You can never ever go wrong with a Chelsea boot.


Vrai & Oro offers my favourite in delicate gold jewelry. Unlike most of the other brands i’ve been introduced to via Instagram, this gold has stayed shiny and burnish free for over a year. So, time to invest in my next piece.

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