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New Master Rug

New Master Rug

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I went through a rollercoaster of emotions waiting for this rug.

I have dreamt of a Moroccan style rug for this room for years but all of the rugs I fell in love with online were over $1,500, sometimes up to $15,000. I couldn’t justify the expense. Plus, I was also afraid once it arrived it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. It’s risky investing in something that you haven’t ever seen or felt in person.


Rugs are also something I’m wary of spending a lot of money on. For one, it’s white! For two, I have kids. For three, I walk around holding coffees, red wines and/or bowls of red sauce pasta. Yes, even in my bedroom (shame).

It’s one of those things in your home that is truly used and abused over the years. It will suffer the most wear-and-tear. I thought that I would be less freaked out if the rug was inexpensive. Like most things in my home (or closet, or in my kid’s toy cabinet, or where I go to eat or travel to… and on, and on), I found this rug on Instagram. It looked really beautiful in all of the different styles of rooms I saw it featured in.

So, I bit the bullet and finally bought a rug for my master suite.

Then I waited. And waited. And then was shocked to see, three weeks later, that my tracking number said Delivered and signed for earlier that same day. And yet, I had no rug. I used the UPS chat help (which, is actually very prompt and helpful) and they confirmed my nightmare - my rug had been delivered to the wrong address, and that a person had accepted the delivery. The only recourse: filing a claim.

I actually am a fairly patient person. But, I had already waited 3 weeks to receive my rug. I knew a claim would be weeks longer. The sale would probably end. And then I’d have to wait another 3 weeks from the time I finally got to reorder. I was disappointed. Filed my claim. Waited. No response.

Then, lo and behold, inexplicably, the rug showed up on my door step a week later. I have no idea how. But I won't be asking any questions. I’m elated!

In the end, I’m really glad I waited a couple of years before I chose the rug. I find it’s helpful to live in a space for a while before you commit to all of the finishing details. Now that it’s down, the room finally feels “finished”, whereas before it really did feel incomplete and cold.

We have a king size bed and I chose a 9x12 size so that it would reach a fair distance past the foot of the bed and extend the length of the side tables. I wanted to see as much as the pattern as possible. It’s nice to have something warm and plush for your barefeet when you get out of bed.



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