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Summer Bookshelf Refresh

Summer Bookshelf Refresh


With June came another book shop for me. You can check our my Spring Bookshelf Refresh here. The girls always get so excited when I let them in the room to see all of their new selections.

Growing up, summer reading was my absolute favourite. Whether I was in the backyard in the shade of a tree or up late with the evening sun in my bedroom, some of my greatest memories are getting lost in a new series. Of course, they’re young yet, but I am attempting to foster an early love of reading so that they can get the same enjoyment out of getting lost in the pages of a new book.

Here is what I’ve selected for their toddler sized Summer reading list!

This first book, What a Wonderful Word, was as much for me as it was for them (ok, mostly for me). It is not only so beautifully illustrated, but the words that are shared are so musical. Spanning many cultures and languages, often without a proper English equivalent. After this summer, I will tuck this one away for when the girls are older and can truly appreciate this one.

When she first opened Flora Forager’s ABC, Louella let out many an audible gasp. She knows her alphabet already, and loves turning the pages to say each letter and see it’s corresponding image. Such a creative way to present the visuals. It’s inspiring me to try to do a similar art project with them when they’re a little older. Finding random organic objects and giving them new life.


My girls love bumble bees. We have a couple of flower boxes in front of the windows (visible from their height from the inside) and the bumbles go crazy for our lavender. They have front row seats all day long to the bees, so they were very excited to dive into this book. This week The Honeybee been their favourite to grab for bed time story.

When she first saw the bookshelf, Louella gravitated towards this cover first. Yellow Kayak is bright, cheerful, poetic and full of adventure. Every page offers so much for their curious eyes to digest.

This one gives momma the warm-and-fuzzies. It encompasses a lot of the feelings and hopes I have for my girls as they grow up. Fun and vibrant illustrations, The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a great addition to your bookshelf.

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