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What's in a Name | Romantic Baby Girl Names

What's in a Name | Romantic Baby Girl Names

Here I will be sharing a handful of baby girl names that make my heart flutter. Maybe you can find some inspiration in this set! I also think they all flow beautifully together as sib-sets, so maybe I can help you name all 5 of your daughters! You can check out my last post in my What’s in a Name? series, where I featured German heritage names. That one got me a lot of traffic from… surprise, surprise… Germany. So, hello to my German audience!!

This group of names, to me, express romance, fantasy and have a dreamy effect. These are the strong heroines in the story book that they write.

Photo by  Paige Owen .

Photo by Paige Owen.

  1. Vivica

    This is a name that will suit a girl right into womanhood. Strong, sleek and sexy, meaning “alive”. You’ll find a beautiful nickname in Viv or Vivi. The background is Scandinavian and old German. It’s not climbing any charts so you can rest assured she won't be one of many.

  2. Simone

    This is a French name with Hebrew roots (feminine form of Simon). An excellent name sake in Simone de Beauvoir. This is a sophisticated choice that will age well and enjoy the singularity of a unique name, but is still familiar to the tongue.

  3. Isolde

    A romantic old Welsh name meaning “ice ruler”. A perfect name for your little Queen! This name is a symbol for undying love from Medieval fables (think Juliet). A beautiful literary name with a sweet nickname (“Iz” or “Izzy”).

  4. Evangeline

    Here is a Greek name that means “bearer of good news”. This is another literary name that oozes romance and femininity. Easily shortens to Eva or Evy.

  5. Celeste

    A beautiful Latin name meaning “Heavenly” (as all baby girls are). Not popular but also not ‘strange’ to the ear. I like the connotation of “celestial” and the name conjures up images of the stars above.

At home with my girls

At home with my girls

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