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Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

I have never been so excited for Easter. Well, maybe, I was as excited when I myself was a kid. But, this is my third Easter as a mom, and my first with a toddler that somewhat grasps what is going on. I admit that putting together this basket was more for my own enjoyment, I do hope that her eyes light up when she sees it on Sunday morning. We are having multiple Easter events all weekend. Two egg hunts on Saturday and two on Sunday, plus a big family lunch and a big family dinner with the other side.


I didn’t want to offer sweets to Lou yet, at 2 it feels too soon. Don't get me wrong, she gets the occasional sugary treat but I didn’t want to give her a full basketful. These are all items that I was going to buy her anyway, so I thought it would be fun to present it to her on Easter Sunday. Her eyes will light up at a rock if I describe it as a “surprise” or a “present”, so I know she will be jumping for joy when she sees this waiting for her on the couch.

This will be Lou’s first ever purse. A first of anything feels pretty monumental. Her first pair of shoes were by Donsje as well, so this one felt fitting. I bought it on Rylee and Cru. It was the only store that carried this flower style.


In our weekly Kindermusik class, the girls play with silks during some of the dances. It always winds up being both of their favourites (movement, dress up, and good old-fashioned peekaboo). I will be adding more colours for a few holiday presents in a row. I chose these by Sarah’s Silks. Montessori approved!

It was no small feat getting my hands on these Ulla Viggo leather slippers made in Canada. I set my alarm for a resale last month and jumped on it within 5 minutes. She sells out quickly, and for good reason! These are the Pompom in Bloom.


Seriously, what bookshelf is complete with out The Tales of Peter Rabbit? And there was no better time to present it to her! We collect the Schleich figures. So far we’ve almost completed the farm style animals and now I’m starting on the woodland. The mom and dad deer and sheep are waiting for these new babies. I’ve been searching around for the right wood farmhouse and forest for them to move into. For now, her imagination is all she’s needed.

My first purchase from Raduga Grez. I couldn’t resist this colour scheme. We already have a Grimms natural (larger) rainbow (that has provided hours upon hours of imaginative play), so I thought it was time to add some colour.

The crayons around here live in a ziplock bag, so it felt like time to give them a more permanent and cute home. This one is by Emile et Ida, one of my favourite kid fashion brands.


These Daisy sunglasses by Oui Fresh are too much - I couldn’t resist. They come in adult sizes too, if you are bold enough to try.


  1. Purse

  2. Slippers

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Book

  5. Figure

  6. Wood Toy

  7. Stickers

  8. Play silks

  9. Pouch

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