Clinging to Summer

Clinging to Summer

I'm hanging on to the last of summer 2017. By a thin, fraying thread. Especially as I watch the drizzle outside my window.

Labor Day long weekend was one of the hottest of the whole year. Then, like clockwork, the weather took a turn for Autumn on Tuesday, September 5. Otherwise known as my wedding anniversary. 

2 years ago today. Bride wears  Jenny Packham  ( The Dress Theory ). Photo by  Rebecca Lindsay Photography .

2 years ago today. Bride wears Jenny Packham (The Dress Theory). Photo by Rebecca Lindsay Photography.

The intention is to do a post with details on our wedding day. The things I can still remember. I only had one glass of wine at the wedding, but it was still such a blur. It didn't matter that I was actively taking the advice of other brides, 'live in the moment', 'soak it in', 'pause for breaks'. It was gone like the snap of a finger. Months and months of careful and, frankly, obsessed, planning. And over like a flash of lightning. 

The cover photo for this post is Louella waiting on her best friends to arrive at our 'bebe picnic in the park'. I realized a few months ago that I have about 10 friends that have all had babies in the last year. It can be an isolating experience, early motherhood, so I thought it would be nice to introduce them all to each other and form a support system. Not only that, but watching the babies grow in tandem is a pretty special thing to witness. Swapping anecdotes, sharing advice, laughing together (I'm sure one day we will cry together - though getting me to cry is more than a challenge). Plus now I have a guest list for Louella's first birthday party (that, yes, of course, I'm already planning).

Scroll down to the bottom for a playlist I started making leading up to the hotter months, with visions of hosting many patio parties at our new home (HA! I always was ambitious). Our exterior of the new home is far from complete and our yard presently consists of dirt mounds. 2 acres of dirt. That said, I'll be shelving this play list until June next year. A summer that will live up to expectations. 

Blog Square playlist.jpg

In the mean time, our family is heading to Europe for a 22 day road trip, starting on September 12, culminating in the celebration of our best friend's wedding in Tuscany. When we return, it will be the first week of October and summer will be but a distant memory. But... I'm really not complaining. I'm a 'between seasons' gal and live for fall (and not in that pumpkin-spice kinda way).

I guess it's time to start on my fall playlist. Crisp, wet air. Turning, falling leaves marking the passage of time. Enjoy these cheerful hot-weather inspired tunes for now, while you still can.