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October Beauty Faves

October Beauty Faves

I won't claim to be a 'product junkie' or expert in any way. But I do love beautiful products and am a brand loyalist.

While we were away in Europe, I took just a couple small samples of my favourites. I was so, so happy to be home to all my ~things~. From my coffee mug to my slippers to my own pillow to my skin and hair products. Side note: I need to complain about European breakfasts. Did they not get the memo that it is the most important meal of the day? Croissant. Cheese. Cold cuts. Every. Single. Day. If I never ever see a European breakfast again it will be too soon. How are y'all so skinny, by the way? How do you stay awake until lunch? Also, how are your espresso cups so small?

I digress. Here's a little snap shot of what I've been using lately to nourish my skin. 


I have an Aesop Aromatique hand soap in all 3 of my bathrooms and have had for years. The smell is natural, refreshing and there is a nice subtle exfoliating scrub. Orange, rosemary and lavender. I can't really say no to any products with lavender in it.

I won the Kismet Day Dreamer mist spray in an Instagram giveaway. It's become a little daily luxury - I spray it on/around me every night before bed (and sometimes in the middle of the day when I need to be soothed). The lavender and chamomile blend is so relaxing. 

My Bobbi Brown Makeup remover is... well, used on the days I actually use make up. I'm at about 2 for 7 these days.  

Glossier's Rosewater Spray is used every morning before I moisturize. Roses and aloe - yum.

Aesop has my heart, so I also use their Bitter Orange toner. My skin is in dire need of some toning these days. Between the no sleep, dirty airplane air and change in weather, I am not looking refreshed or glow-y. Plus, witch-hazel!

A little bit of Coqui Coqui on the wrists does the body/day good. It takes me back to crashing waves and early summer sunshine in Tulum. 

Finally, moisturizing provided by Chanel's Hydra Beauty Creme. Lightweight and hydrating, ideal for the upcoming winter air. It helps me fake a semi-rested look. Plus, I mean... Chanel. Need I say more?

There you have it. My unqualified but product-worshipping opinion on what is worth buying this month.



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